ProMotech’s number one goal is to be able to deliver quality to its customers. The requirement on the basis of the technical development and our research and experience leads to constant product development. We have chosen to divide the concept of quality into the following areas:

The product

  • Functional quality
  • Material quality

The fast development within diesel technology demands that we actively follow it in order for our products to be compatible. Different types of injection systems, generations, and variants of these, Piezo technology, different types of particle filters and the characteristics of certain vehicles are some of the factors that must be dealt with. All of our products are reverse compatible, which means that a power module for a certain type of injection system even fits older versions of the system. With time, our products have even become multi-compatible; this means that where we earlier had several different types of common rail modules for passenger vehicles, for example, we now have one single variant where several functions have been implemented. An expensive solution from the production angle, yet one which gives fewer articles for our dealers to handle and gives customer a considerably more marketable product, and therefore higher value. Our latest models of power modules work exclusively with dynamic digital technology. We have discovered great power- and fuel-saving returns with this. In addition this has solved the problem with certain earlier vehicle models that only allowed a minor power increase. Dynamic digital technology means that an entirely new fuel map and air map, where appropriate, are placed over the original map. In practice this means that more fuel can be continuously added wherever and whenever in the original map. Something that is not possible with earlier types of digital power modules. An analogue power module has greater limitations Our power modules contain unique software for every model for the most part in order to be able to obtain the best possibility driveability, fuel economy, and performance. Very time-consuming work to be able to obtain perfect results. In addition, every model is driven in traffic for 3,000 km before it is released to the market, all so that we can assure ourselves that everything works as it should. The regeneration cycles of particle filters must work fault-free, it is likewise checked that the car does not lead to the emergency driving situations, which sometimes only occur after driving dozens of kilometres and heavy loads.

Active selection of well-chosen components forms the foundation for good quality. Our vehicles all have tight engine spaces; which means that the power module cannot always be installed in the most ideal place. This puts great demands on the power module’s durability. Water, road salt, substantial temperature changes, and hard vibrations are some of the attacks that can arise. We have focused on our experience based upon this in which the power modules CR5, PD5, and 44xx series have received a series of sweeping quality improvements.

  • Patented, waterproof contacts of automotive standards, between the module and the engine-wire harnessing.
  • The power module’s aluminium shell is filled with a heat insulating material.
  • Completely waterproof construction.
  • No power adjustments that have to be put in make the power module even simpler to use.


Through the ability to process and modify the large quantity of ultra fast information in the engine control system, we are nearing the limit of the amount of energy one can produce from a given amount of fuel. The power module utilises excess air in the engine to enable the engine to burn more fuel. Power modules enhanced with the PLUS software make use of a small increase in boost pressure to produce an additional increase in power. The diagnostic and engine monitoring system is not affected or manipulated in any way. Therefore any increase in power output, torque or boost pressure is kept within safe limits. Our digital power modules modify signals based on a model specific map when calculating the duration of the main injection phase. This in turn determines the amount of fuel injected into the system. The power module will instantaneously and accurately compensate for any change in engine load. Installing a ProMotech power module will result in a considerable increase in both torque and power. Fuel consumption will be less than for comparable driving without the power module installed.


Our software is continually tested to meet tomorrow’s technology and the increasingly strict environmental demands. The fast product development that is now taking place within the diesel industry places an increasingly high demand on the compatibility in order to avoid causing operational stops or even damaging the vehicle. Compatible with cars equipped with second generation particle filters and Piezo injectors. Our power modules are always reverse compatible; that means they even adjust to older systems than the latest generation’s injection systems that are found on the market at the time of the power module’s production. By performing an SWUP, updating of software, the possibility of moving the power module over to another model that uses the same type of fuel system opens up. ProMotech’s unique item and serial numbering system ensure the power model’s follow-up with an SWUP, for example, and the guarantee.


Plug-in connection to the vast majority of models, which makes the installation extremely simple and flexible. The power module can be pulled out again with equal ease if you should desire, for example, with a vehicle change. You avoid making permanent interference in the car and the engine’s control computer, ECU, retains its original software.

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Installation instructions

More than 2000 different vehicle models, different types and generations of injection systems, different component systems and combinations, and the execution of involved auxiliary equipment that give rise to a great to consider. In addition to that there are the vehicles from the category “exceptions and oddities”. All of that demands several years of experiences to be able to handle. Unfortunately there is no simple rule book to consult…

Is it time for a change of car and you wonder whether you can move your power module to your next car? Have come across a used power module and are unsure whether it can be programmed to fit your vehicle?

The questions can be numerous and feel urgent. Our support department will take care of you in the best way. Our web support is a unique service that is even available after office hours.