3-year product warranty

Active selection and high demands placed on components of the absolutely highest quality form the basis of our performance modules. With results after long-term testing with tough physical and thermal strains, we dare to provide our power modules with a full 3-year warranty. A warranty that even follows the module in the case of a change of ownership, through its unique serial number system!

30 day purchase on approval

In order for you to be able to evaluate the power module as a customer in peace and quiet, just with your car and your unique driving conditions, we give you a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee. Should not be completely satisfied, contrary to expectations, you have the right to change your mind about your purchase after contacting us. It is absolutely the highest priority for ProMotech satisfy its customers to the full. That is a demand we place on our surroundings.

Tuning warranty

When the vehicle departs from its original execution, the vehicle manufacturer has the right to cancel the new vehicle warranty. If an accident should take place and the vehicle is damaged for some reason, you can feel safe having signed our tuning guarantee. We have all heard about bad examples and nightmarishly long disputes with auto dealers. The workshops’ opinion of “chip tuning” and similar power-boosting varies greatly. Many auto dealers and auto workshops recommend ProMotech’s products, but the “wrong” person in the “wrong” mood at the “wrong” workshop can still cause problems.

ProMotech’s tuning guarantee is unique in its class, as it covers the entire vehicle and not just the engine. The guarantee continues to apply even when the vehicle’s new vehicle warranty has expired.

Warranty conditions

  • The error should be of such a type that can be deduced from the implemented power boost.
  • The warranty applies for 12 months from the time to the vehicle is provided with the ProMotech product(s).
  • The warranty applies on the condition that the premium is paid.
  • The warranty includes vehicle from the year 2000 and with a maximum of 100,000 km. After that the guarantee’s applicability ends.
  • Installation performed by someone other than ProMotech AB or an authorised dealer, or without special written confirmation can have the effect of negating the damage regulation.
  • Service must be conducted by the make’s workshop or the equivalent for the guarantee to apply. Service should only be conducted according to the manufacturer’s provisions, however at least 1 time per year or every 15,000 km.
  • Should the damage take place in connection with the vehicle being used in extreme conditions such as auto racing or the like, then the warranty does not apply.
  • It is incumbent upon the vehicle’s owner to limit eventual damage as far as possible in order to avoid consequential damages.
  • The warranty does not include worn-out details that are a part of service, normal maintenance, or errors that had arisen before you signed.
  • In the case of damages an excess of 1500 SEK is assumed.
  • The maximum compensation per damage is one (1) base amount. Damages are only regulated/compensated for in EU countries and Norway and Switzerland.
  • The warranty applies on the condition that the damage is not contained in another guarantee/insurance.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Book a time and come by so that we can install a power module in your vehicle, free of charge. You have 30 days to evaluate and try it out in peace and quiet. If you should not be absolutely fully satisfied, contrary to expectations, then we will uninstall the power module from your vehicle and your will get back the entire price for the power module. Obviously the customer satisfaction guarantee even applies for those of you who install the power module yourselves.