More performance from your engine

ProMotech’s power module is a standalone tuning unit for turbo engines. The watertight unit is easily installed by plugging it into existing connectors.

In addition to considerably higher performance fuel consumption is often reduced. To revert to original performance simply disconnect the power module. No need to swap chips or reprogram software. We supply individually configured power modules with model specific operating maps, for today’s modern diesel engines. No more complicated adjustments to be made to a standard one-size-fits-all unit. The engine is fed a precisely calculated amount of fuel and air.

Now truly "Plug ‘n’ Play"!



We have now released MyTech for the Opel Astra K 1.6 CDTI 110 hp! +30 hp / +70 Nm!




We have now developed a power module for the Massey Ferguson 7718! ProMotech's advanced technologic allows the power module to lengthen the duration of the main injection phase, resulting in a nice performance increase. Our model specific software and high quality, guarantees a safe and pleasant engine tuning experience. The power modules’ waterproof construction makes them suitable for installation inside the engine compartment. Great fuel savings! In stock for immediate delivery! High product demand and close relations with our customers and authorized garages enable us to quickly develop power modules for most applications. Feel free to contact us if you vehicle is not listed.

AAA - Highest creditworthiness
Framtidens teknologi är redan här Vi kan nu erbjuda produkter till fordon anpassade för de nya hårda miljökraven EU Steg 3B / Tier 4A